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Tim Pool and YouTube

Today I got a thumbnail on the screen: Tim Pool´s latest. It sounded interesting (something about YouTube) but when I clicked on it the whole YT page went blank and there was nothing!
What was this? I got curious and I watched another film with Tim Pool with the title There is No Future for ME Here.

Tim tells us about his difficulties in making his channel bigger. He is travelling much and needs the money that he can get from ads, but the YT logarithms seem to be working against him.
He has got 163 tn subscribers and this video is, after one day, shown more than 20.000 times. Isn´t that something to be satisfied with?

Hi Tim, maybe you should travel less and spend less money? Maybe a reporter that is flying all over the world has to be backed up by a company with money?

I like Tim because he is bright, intelligent, honest and also clever in making films. But good criticism is not of much value for a person who wants to get better / bigger.

He says that many stopped looking at his films. 
Yes, I also did. But I like him, so why did I? 

I think it was when all his thumbnails started to look the same. Almost the same photo of him and the texts look the same. I have to read them slowly to notice the difference between the films. There is no picture and no word that catches my attention more than the other ones. 
In a month he has made 30 new films - which one should I choose? Whichever I take I will still miss the other 29 ones, so...I avoid the problem by going somewhere else.

It is similar to buying tooth-paste. There are so many so I skip the whole idea and I do not buy any. All of them are different, but none stands out. Impossible to select one.
Of course it is good to have a personal style that is well recognized by people, but...? Which Coca Cola bottle should I choose if they all look the same but have different content? If I have to pick up every bottle and read the text it becomes too difficult.
It doesn´t matter if the mobile phones have a good brand if there are 30 different models in the same color and the differences are written somewhere.

Tim says that YT promotes people who make one film every day.

Really? Why? I do not understand that. I do not want to "follow" a person who makes a new film every day. It is too much. One good thing every week would be fine! The same day every week.

The old style is to listen to the Daily News on the radio / TV every day. But these news just quickly report the most important or dramatic happenings of the last day. Bang! Boom! And maybe you prepare some coffee and sandwiches while the TV is going bla-bla-bla-mumbo-jumbo in the background. You will still hear if the WW3 has broken out or not. So you know if you can go to bed calmly or if you have to escape to the caves in the mountains. To satisfy your survival instincts it is enough to catch the headlines and check other peoples´reactions. That is to be done on an everyday basis.

The film I looked at now is 24 minutes long! Even if I like Tim I cannot look at him for half an hour every day. He is not the only one I like. There are maybe 50 persons / channels on YT that I like. Imagine that every one makes a film of 30 minutes a day!!!! That makes 25 hours a day watching YT. It is not realistic! 

If Tim every day just made a quick summary of the hottest news on the planet....in around 5 - 10 minutes then maybe I would look at it. And then maybe another film with a short but clear analyse of the most interesting event, the one that dominates the day. If there is any.
If a truck has run into a crowd it is a dominating event and so it is when a Russian spy has been poisoned. Or a gas attack. Zuckerberg in the Senate´s hearing was also something special. It is possible to make a good, short analyse of such an event without having to fly to another country spending money on tickets and hotels.

It was quite heavy to listen to Zuckerberg in the Senate for so many hours just to be able to pick up the essentials. It also takes much time to try to find out what is really behind the Skripal case. It also can be difficult to know what channel to look at to be able to understand if there was a gas attack or not. I wouldn´t mind if someone else collected the most important links and presented them for me because it takes time to search for them.. A person who likes to be neutral can present both sides, with links to both sides. Maybe Tim and some friend could develop some News Agency, covering different topics...

It is of no use to fly to Syria because you cannot interview Assad anyway. Others have already done it. And there is of no use to fly to Salisbury and try to interview Yulia Skripal because they have hidden her somewhere. What people on the streets of Salisbury think is not interesting. They do not think more or better than we do.

Another thing is the language.

I live in Sweden and I would think that most people here cannot follow what Tim says because he talks too fast. Americans understand it but I suppose that Tim wants to attract people also in other countries. Even if I understand most of it I cannot make one second of reflection on a sentence, because then I miss the next sentence and I have to stop the film and go back. Often I also have to look up some words in Google Translate. To be able to do that I must hear the words clearly.
In this film he mentioned ”Schadenfreude”. If you do not understand German there is no chance to be able to catch that word.
So the 30 minutes become 40 minutes and the listening becomes an active work. Not for Americans but for people who do not have English as a mother tongue. To be actively working on listening to something requires that the speech is about something highly, highly interesting! And the listener must have a chance to contemplate, at least some seconds, on every major statement while listening, without having to stop the film.

Psychology (maybe it was Jung) says that you remember something if it is connected to an emotion. So if you put emotions into certain sentences those sentences will be better heard and better remembered. And... not too fast! An emotion has to have at least one second (or two) to be able to be created. If you put two different emotions into two different, opposite statements - then you will still be neutral.
Instead of putting nothing on the opposite sides of a scale you can put a stone on each side and the scale still remains balanced (horisontal). Maybe let it swing up and down on both sides, creating a little drama that catches attention.

Tim! If you do not travel so much you will save money and you will be able to work more on the background and adding pictures and so... Now I felt that I got distracted from seeing the same plastic slides in the park over and over again.
But one thing that is frustrating is when a person simultaneously speaks and shows a text. Many other people do that and I cannot focus on reading and listening at the same time.

Tim! If you stay home more and calm down you will get time to look at all those films that are about ”how to increase viewers” and ”how to speak” and so on. I do not know which ones are the best, I have just seen that they exist. I´m looking around now.

Listen to this guy, he has a good, moderate speed so it is possible to digest what he says while listening. I think he makes a one second pause after each sentence so I don´t have to stop the film to be able to catch what he says. 

But, on the other hand... if someone talks too slowly I will start thinking about something else and drift away and then I will also miss what has been said.

Here is a guy who is talking about how to talk in front of a camera. When we listen to a speach only 7 % is the words, 38 % is the tone of the voice and 55 % is the body language.

This lady in the next video has a nice balance of speed, intonation and body language.

So how is it with Tim?

Words. Too many too fast. At least for non-American people.
Tone. Kind of almost the same tone all the time.
Body language. Almost nothing.
The length of the video. Too long.
Layout. A little monotonous.
Camera. Tim is absolutely not camera shy, which can be a big problem for other people so most of the films about speaking that I find are about "How to overcome your fear". Tim is very clever in talking spontaneously, which for others can be very hard to learn. This is a big advantage as it is important.
So the other problems seem like ”something that could be quickly learned”. Just some lessons in ”speaking psychology”. There are films and courses... So many interesting things are waiting just around the corner.
Not to mention all the videos about "How to do... on YT"

He says that he gets stopped, but that is strange as he doesn´t have any controversal opinion. But... might be true anyway?

Tim speaks fast and it can be because he has so much to say and he has to squeeze all of it into a film of 25 minutes. Maybe the whole thing can be said slowly in 10-15 minutes (with some editing in advance.)
Professional radio-TV-speakers only use high speed when they talk about something really fast and dramatic, like some ongoing accident, maybe a street fight, or... ice-hockey ... football.... Long analytical thoughts are usually not presented in rally speed because people cannot follow it.

Maybe Tim also has a high speed because he thinks that he has to perform more and more, better and better and faster and faster. Maybe the solution is to calm down a bit.

It is very interesting to get a problem because it can open up the door to new insights!

When I listened to Tim I started to think about the problem that he presents and then I just began writing down anything that popped up in my mind.

But YT´s algorithm is something that I cannot even speculate about. 
That is for the "technical guys".

PS There is nobody that I look at every day at YouTube. Not even every week. There are people that I like that I do not even look at every month. Because periodically I have different interests.

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