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Can I ask a medium / spirit about just anything?

The other night I was meeting with some people and someone mentioned that an electrosensitive woman had asked a medium about her electrosensitivity, but not really got any good answer.
In Sweden we have a person, who is channeling a certain spirit and this is something that he has been known for a long time, more than 30 years. Many people admire him for this and travel a long way to meet him. They seem to believe that the spirit that "talks through him" knows everything just because he is a "well known spirit".

A spirit is "everywhere", isn´t he? Like the wind! So he must be capable of knowing everything! If not, can´t he just simply blow away in any direction and find out?
If you are trained as a shaman in the old way and also if you are for example a well trained Indian guru you know how to handle spirits. But in our society we do not. It is almost the opposite, that we wonder if they exist or not. But we often do not even know what we mean with this word spirit, or ande in Swedish. Often we think of a deceased person living in a subtle form in another realm of existence. Sometimes it is a shiny one residing on a higher plane and sometimes it is a ghost that has got lost "somewhere here" or it might be a demon from the Underworld. Sometimes it is someone who has never lived here on our planet and he can speak about kosmos and such big things like the meaning of life. Or it is your deceased grandfather who can tell you where he has hidden the family silver. 
Here the word spirit is used in the sense of a supernatural, invisible being, (this meaning is attested from mid-14c.)  The word spirit is used in different ways and has different meanings but that is another long story.  Read more ...

We can discuss how they exist and what they are made of, but if we get stuck in that question we will end up in physics and that will also be another story, probably quite a long one, maybe almost neverending.

We can just take it for granted now...
So for the moment we can just take for granted that those spirits, that are conscious corporeal beings of an airy nature do exist, because otherwise we will never get to the second question (how to deal with them). Even if spirits in reality should be just frequency patterns, similar to ideas and principles, that we can get into cohesion with, we can still use these airy bodies as symbols. How a principle can have arms and legs and a crown on his head is also another story!
When I take this for granted I also change my language to fit into that.

Illustration by Viveca Lammers

"How to deal with  spirits

First of all there are many different spirits, all kinds of them, innumerable airy figures. They are good, they are evil, small, big, shiny, dark, tricky, space commanders, angels, dragons, tree spirits, power animals, ancestors, aliens.... everything! 

If you develop the contact with one of them you will pick up these qualities and they will be part of you. It is like eating invisible food for the soul. The spirit creates you (by influencing your thoughts, emotions and behaviour) and you create the spirit (by giving your energy to it). It seems like many spirits are interested in catching our attention, even fighting about getting us. 

According to my old shaman friends (and others) a spirit cannot have any inflence over you and it cannot do you anything, unless you invite it. But focusing much on the same principle and "living it" is the same as inviting. A sudden emotion can be the same as inviting when it gives you inspiration that you follow. The word is made up from in + spiritus and it is the same root as in the word spirare, to breathe. You breathe in something. 
That´s why the Indian gurus talk so much about not being a victim of sudden reactions. When you suddenly react strongly you can see it as a spirit that is getting you on his hook. An intense thought that you hold is also inviting the spirit of the thought and it fills you with the correspondent feeling, which can take over. 

There is not much difference between a spirit and a god. If you call in a spirit it becomes a god, because the old German word god means "the one that is invoked". In this sense there are innumerable gods. In Swedish we can say trädanden, the tree spirit, but we can also say trädguden, the tree god. The meaning behind the worshipping of a god is that one should get into cohesion with the principle and thus get transformed by it.

Inviting a spirit (god) is either made unconsciously or it is made consciously by you, by a priest, a shaman or a medium. A priest is usually having a temple and focusing on only one god and here we can talk about the Latin word for god, which is deus, a word that originates from the root dyeu-, to shine, which has also given the Sanskrit word deva. A deus is a shining spirit that lives on a higher plane, in a heaven. Such a deva is worshipped with light, fire, prosperity, pearls, flowers, jewelry, harmonic music and everything that creates beauty, joy and happiness.

A shaman has specialized on his personal choice of gods, which are spirits that he can invoke for various reasons. It can be some ancestor. It can be a Power Animals, which gives the shaman the special ability that is typical for that animal. He can get into symbiosis with it, even totally going into trance. He can make a jorney out of the body and in this way get information. In India some gurus can do the same, they can use remote viewing to get information, without losing consciousness. Even children can do that, if they are initiated into the use of the third eye.

Now I get to the point.
A minor spirit cannot answer all possible questions. He is not the king of everything - he is a specialist. If he is 3000 years old and lived in Egypt he will not be of much use for an eskimo, who wants to know how to get fish. This eskimo will get more out from asking a lokal water spirit.

So whatever you want to ask about you will have to adress the spirit that "belongs to that question". It is the same in our physical world: whatever you want to ask about, buy or getting repaired you must know to go to the right place and ask the right person. To ask about the car, it is better to call the garage mechanic than to call the dentist.

A spirit does not know everything just because he is a spirit. So you cannot give any kind of question to just any spirit. Spirits are like bubbles that contain different kinds of knowledge. They dwell in different worlds. The are like different kinds of melodies. Like different books. You do not open the French grammar if you want to learn German.

You have to contact the spirit that is not just an "invisible being" - you have to contact the representative of the inner essence of your problem or question. If that one does not exist you will have to create it.

When it comes to the spirits the real shaman knows which one to ask. If he doesn´t have any contact with the one that suits your problem he cannot help you and he will send you to someone else. It was the same among the old wise women in our part of the world. They could do different things.

So if you want to ask a spirit about electrosensitivity you will have to adresse a spirit that is connected to this issue. But which one is that? It is the one that you slowly get more and more in contact with when you focus with full intention on the subject.
It is quite difficult with some kind of "direct information" because a spirit can talk with symbols and concepts and you will have to focus not on electricity (if your problem is electrosensitivity) but on the body and the psyche (if that is where you experience the effects). If you do not exactly know what you mean with electrosensitivity the spirit will not know it either. His own expression for such an experience would probably be "bad spirit". You might not speak the same language (use the same symbols). 

The best is not to ask a special spirit (just because he is famous!) because it might be the wrong one. The best is to ask straight out or at least the highest god that one can think of, because that will include a lot of other spirits and also include some protection. And focus very much on the question, really loudly demanding an answer. But don´t ask about "something else". Focus on yourself and ask about yourself and then wait. The answer can come from just anywhere and it can come after a long time. Or a piece here and a piece there, so it is important to look closer at everything.
But if you just passively wait for an answer the spirit might think that you are not seriously interested in the question and he might drop you. Search for the answer everywhere and show that you mean what you say! Then the spirit will guide you and maybe make you find the right book and open the right page. But that requires focus and persistance and an open mind. Follow inspiration.

Hyper-sensitivity and psychic reactions can be part of that learning process that in ancient time was initiated in mystery temples with the help of psychedelic drugs and various ceremonies. We have heard about the horrors that the shaman´s apprentice has to go through before he gets his final status. Today we have psychedelic frequencies in the air and they can have the same effects as chemical drugs. 
The big question here cannot be solved by someone else and someone else´s spirit in just one session. You will just get a wise but in the same time quite easy answer. You might get the answer that you should "move to another place", but you will not get a long lesson about the effects in the body in connection with all different electrical things. If you don´t know why you have to move you might move to the wrong place. You might get the answer that you have to "change your thinking" but if you don´t know what it means it doesn´t help. 

If it was possible to get a quick answer from someone else´s spirit every shaman would just have got his whole education for free by just getting the right answer from the old shaman´s personal spirit during a little session by the fire one evening. 
A person, with an activated third eye, can find answers that she has never heard about before, but your spirit will guide you to find the right thing in your own memory among everything that you have stored (and "forgotten"). It works like a search engine. So the more information you collect the more tools your spirit will have access to. It might also put you in contact with someone who has good answers. A real living person, who can tell you more. It is not so that all the specialists have died and become spirits.

The answer in this case consists of many, many small answers to many, many minor questions that arise from a conscious introspection during a learning process that can take years.

Our western view on spirituality is so much inflenced by the Christian Church that we use this "church-thinking" also when it is about shamanism and spirits. If someone "has a spirit", that he can talk to and get answers from, people get so impressed that they think that this spirit is "the best" (in the same way as we have been taught in the church that our God is the best and the "only one") and whatever answer that is delivered from it, that is the best one, so there is no need to continue listening to anything else. But the best for you is your own spirit and not someone else´s. It is like your inner flashlight that you can take with you and use many times everywhere. Charge it with talking to it. Light a candle for it. Use your fantasy!

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