fredag 4 augusti 2017

Our New Heaven

Illustration by Viveca Lammers
Many are focused on the old idea of the Church manipulating people and they blame ”religion” for everything negative. But in reality ”religion” does not exist in the form of something higher that would be manipulating people against their will. 

And people who want to manipulate the population do not have to use any ”religion” to do that. They use the tools that are available to them and if people believe that ”religion” is the cause of all evil (some say so!) in the sense of ”a belief system that is focusing on a God”, then they just invent an atheistic model that works in the same way. 

The old word god means ”the one that is being worshipped”. To worship an invisible spirit, which is then to be called a god, is the same as to worship an idea, a king, a prophet, a principle or whatever that you are focusing on and taking your information from. And obeying!

The word worship is related to worth and the German werden (to become) and it comes from Gothic wairþan (to turn into) from the root wer- (to turn, bent).

To worship a god is in reality not different from becoming something by turning into it. You bend your mind into a desired direction, that you have chosen or that others have chosen for you.
It can be an idea, an ideal, a company, a club, a skill, a profession......anything that we focus on to become something more than what we were before. Something that is worth it. By doing this we get a higher value so we also become worth more. 

We are manipulated into believing that there has to be a God in the form of a glorious picture of an invisible man with a name, giving commands from a heaven. This belief is excellent and also needed for the new priests who are today using IT-technology to lead the sheeps where they want to lead them. Jesus was the first one to claim that he saw people as sheep and that one man could lead the whole pack where he wanted to. 

If we believe what most people believe about ”religion” we cannot see that modern mind manipulation is basically the same thing as the method they accuse the old religions of.
This is like running from the an old enemy looking only backwards all the time and because of that falling right into the arms of his friend who is waiting in front of you.

Internet is working like a big brain (the artificial brain of Earth) and if we can find and identify some main principles that it works with, then we have found the aspects that in the old times would have been called the qualities of the gods. 

A human brain can focus on something and the Earth Brain can also focus on something.
The focus of my brain creates certain emotions in me and the focus of the Earth Brain creates certain emotions in the population that is worshipping it = is tuned into, turned into it, because it finds it worth or worthy to do so.

Imagine a control room with 100 people controlling the thoughts and feelings of a billion people.
Their goal is to capture your attention and to do that they have to know how the human mind works. So says Tristan Harris, who used to work in one of these control rooms as a Design Ethicist at Google.
He learned how to manipulate the human mind when he was earlier a magician and he says that once you know how to push people’s buttons, you can play them like a piano. And this is exactly what product designers do to your mind.  Read more...

You can precisely target a lie directly to the people who are most susceptible! And because this is profitable it is only going to get worse.” More in NewsVoice....

The manipulative tricks tech companies use to capture your attention

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