fredag 11 augusti 2017

Talking Stick / Truth / Money / Media

Illustration by Viveca Lammers

A person holding a Talking Stick is supposed to speak the truth, but not only that. He is also supposed to look within a little bit more to be able to discover what is hidden, what is really true. The real ”truth behind” is often not what we believe (before we have taken a closer look at it).
If you have a lot of lamps turned on in your home you might believe that it is dark outside, but if you dare to step out into the darkness you might discover that it is not at all dark, at least not when the moon and the stars are visible.

The astrologer Kapiel Raaj describes his impression of ascension (spiritual development) as the ability of being more and more awake, more and more able to see the truth. Not only in Jesus or Buddha, but everywhere. To see more and more of the essence of, the truth of anything that you look at. It is not the same as seeing ghosts, ancestors and angels walking around, which any dog or cat can do.

Acceleration of Ascension energy 
2015-2022 & Nakshatra news

The Talking Stick, or at least the method of having such Talking Circles, are getting more popular now among us, white people, to solve communication problems. To have a look at ”the truth behind” becomes bigger in whole society (compared to 50 years ago) and there are alternative news channels that can be said to walk the same path as is suggested by the Talking Stick method for single individuals.

Some of the last sentences that I wrote in the previous chapter here ”Is shamanism a religion?” are these:
"Today our psychopaths operate through the political systems, Internet, Medical Companies, Food Companies, economy, war industri...... and we believe them and follow them.... but they have started to have problems with facebook and YouTube. I suppose they are busy inventing new algorithms that will fix the problem." 

They seem to be quite busy with creating s new system to ban free speech. The basic idea is not too difficult to understand. You just have to tell the people that we do have ”free speech”, but only as long as we are nice to each other. That´s OK. But who is ”each other”? And what is ”nice”? When should we tell the truth and when should we not? And what is truth? Who decides what is true and what is not true? Answer: The one who is the strongest, the one who has the power! The one who owns the press. Or any newspaper. Of course, because he is the one who is responsible for everything that is written in his medium. That is not strange.

So if one medium covers several billion people, the owner of this medium platform is also having the power of controlling the minds of all those billions. It is also about money, because the big companies are making ads in almost all big media and in this way supporting them with money, without which they could not exist.

So the alternative reporters like Tim Pool are being placed on a ”ban list” to tell the companies that they do better not place any ads here. So they get no money. They can no longer make a living from their job. So they have to get another job. In reality it is not so that they are telling lies – it is just that they are uncomfortable for the big companies and the medium owner, who now has to clean up.

It means that the big companies are supporting all ”free speech” that they like (that supports them!) but not any other ”free speech”. Free speech can be dangerous for them as it can reveal the hidden dark agenda that they are baking into our breads.

What to do about that?
Is this the beginning of an alternative News Machine, supported by alternative companies?
What is true and what is not?

He put it out yesterday and in one day the film has got 237,440 views.

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