tisdag 25 juli 2017

Are you introvert?

The use of a Talking Stick demands some degree of introspection, because the speaker is supposed to ”talk from the heart”. That does not just mean to tell all the others that you love them (just because the word heart is mentioned) unless you really are overfilled with that emotion. 

The use of a Talking Stick demands some degree of introspection

The "electromagnetic heart" is an instrument that reads everything that happens around a person and delivers this information in the form of subtle feelings, so these feelings are fluctuating all the time and if we are not used to listen to the heart we might not be able to recognize them as anything else than attraction and repulsion, whereafter attraction is called love and repulsion changes to flight or anger with accusations and gets called fear, agression or ego.  Hundreds of years ago they were called God and Devil.

Introvert people can often be more familiar with inner fantasies, deeper thoughts and the analysing of emotional fluctuations so it can be easier for them to understand what "talking from the heart" means, but as they can lose energy from being with people they might have to go home and think about it before they can tell others what they feel and mean. They have to "sort it out" by themselves before they know.   Read more...

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