onsdag 12 juli 2017

Swiftdeer and the Talking Stick

The person who initiated the use of the Talking Stick in Europe was Harley Swiftdeer when he travelled around giving workshops to thousands of people in shamanism, ceremonies and magic, mainly assisted by his apprentice Batty Gold.  

The teacher who brought the Talking Stick to Sweden.
Harley Swiftdeer in Stockholm 1985
teaching the Medicine Wheel

Swiftdeer was a tricky person with a strong presence and many called him a Heyoka, which is the trickster that often makes the opposite to what is expected from a spiritual teacher, deliberately
challenging peoples´ believes about who, how and what a teacher or a shaman should be. He was born precisely at full moon, which gives an interest in the fight and balance between oppositions, so he was also busy training and teaching martial arts.
He was a Gemini (astrological sign) and Geminis are ruled by Wind and Mercury, which is the god of communication and language skills. Read more about Swiftdeer!

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